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Dean’s Message

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering NAGASAKI Takeshi
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
and Graduate School of Engineering

Traditions rooted in Osaka and
changes made to adapt to our times

Our Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka City University originates from the Industrial school of Osaka City, which was established in 1907. After the reform of the educational system, which took place in 1949, it became the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Osaka City University. Later in 1959 the Faculty of Science and Engineering was divided into independent faculties, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. Now it is an institution of higher education, with a long history of over a hundred years from its founding until the present. To give a quick summary, the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering can be characterized as an institution that “fosters engineers and researchers which can contribute to the discoveries of the future. This can be achieved by the careful guidance of small groups of students, basing their education on manufacturing located in an urban city and with advanced research.” Since separating, the independent Faculty of Engineering has cultivated 10339 specialists with bachelor’s degrees, 5408 specialists with master’s degrees and 827 specialists with doctoral degrees (as of March 2018). Among them are Mr. Masahiro Sakane, former representative director of Komatsu Ltd., Mr. Yoshihiko Sano, president and representative director of Nipro Corp., Mr. Michio Nakano, president and representative director of Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Mr. Takafumi Kaya, president and representative director of Signal Talk Inc., and many other well-known people who were sent out to and made large contributions to our society.

Now is the time for change

As a modern country, Japan faces many challenges, such as the population decline, shrinking markets, a declining position in the global economy, declining international competitiveness, environmental constraints and energy problems. As a city, Osaka also has problems, such as population decline and few foundations for economic vitality. Osaka City University also faces big challenges, which include integration with Osaka Prefecture University. In 2019, we experienced competition with other universities due to the declining number of new students taking entrance exams.
Thus, in these times of great change we at the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering must transform ourselves. Since the days of my predecessor, the late dean Yoshihiro Sato, the necessity of changes in regards to research, education, internationalization and maintaining human resources has been understood, with discussions steadily moving progress forward. Now we are working hard to change the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering for the better.

In one example, in order to improve our ability to conduct research, we have established a new school fund management system specifically used for conducting research. We also founded the, “Educational Research Center of the Graduate School of Engineering” in April 2018 for the purpose of achieving the themes of “activation” and “visualization” in our research.

In education, we aim to establish an educational system that matches the current times by establishing the “Engineering Education Reform Review Committee” within the faculty.

We are also actively participating in academic exchange agreements and student exchanges with overseas universities and research institutions. Through his, we aim to enhance international exchanges and increase the numbers of students sent overseas as well as the number of students coming from overseas to study here in Osaka.

Regarding human resource development, we have increased economic support for doctoral students at our graduate school, created a help page online and printed pamphlets for junior high and high school girl students who are interested in the Faculty of Engineering, thereby helping to improve the study environment for female students.

Osaka is known for its vigorous spirit, always ready to boldly challenge new things and taboo subjects. Osaka has an honest and rational spirit. Our school takes into consideration the region in which it is located, which has a rich enterprising spirit, and will continue to work on changes for the better in regards to the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka City University.

Let’s achieve change together!

We live in uncertain times. In such time, it is important to acquire a full education, obtain a variety of professional skills and form a solid personality to ensure competitive power. To provide this, we tender classes covering various special subjects as well as engineering ethics, which have specific characteristics determined by the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering. These characteristics cover the use of comprehensive subjects that make full use of the strength of our themes of out “city university,” including, small student groups and active cross-field exchanges that work to reduce borders between courses and subjects. A students can acquire solid fundamental academic skills and extensive specialized knowledge while achieving a correct sense of morality. In their fourth grade, students will perform undergraduate research as a practical part of their learning. The education is designed to provide them with the ability to succeed when they decide on their career path.
College life is the most important period in people’s lives in regards to the formation of character and individual power. It can be said that this time transforms a student into a responsible member of society. We are looking for candidates with a high sense of purpose and who clearly know by the time of the entrance examination what they want to do and what field they want to advance in. Therefore, by knowing yourself, thinking hard and bravely in regards to yourselves and your future, let’s challenge to achieve “change” and grow together at the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka City University!