NOTICE: On April of 2022, the new university opened. From 2022, this web site provides information for the current students at Osaka City University. If you want the latest information, please access to the Osaka Metropolitan University's web site.

Applied Mathematics and Miscellaneous

In Applied Mathematics and Miscellaneous, we offer a fundamental education and conduct research in regards to mathematics, graphics, machinery engineering and other fundamental engineering fields. We have courses in the fields of applied mathematics and machinery engineering.
In the applied mathematics field, we offer undergraduate courses in regards to industrial mathematics and graphic sciences as common courses for the engineering faculty, and conduct related research. In industrial mathematics we study the fundamental nature of equations describing wave phenomena in a broad sense, such as waves on the water surface, sound waves and waves that cannot be felt directly, such as radio waves. We pay attention to the nature of all coefficients appearing in the equations as well as study the actual nature of the equations. In graphic science we research discrete algorithms used in computational geometry, and other related areas, to attain the basic skills used for designing and analyzing buildings as well as urban spaces. In addition, we offer education on the mechanical strength of materials and practice with actual machinery in the mechanical engineering workshop.

Practical training in design and manufacturing

Practical training in graphic science


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