NOTICE: On April of 2022, the new university opened. From 2022, this web site provides information for the current students at Osaka City University. If you want the latest information, please access to the Osaka Metropolitan University's web site.


Mechanical Engineering

We offer a distinctive curriculum that provides academic classes dealing with various phenomena; from nano - and microscopic scales, such as atoms and molecules, to macroscopic scale such as environments and society. We aim to foster our students’ ability to consider problems from various perspectives. Our department is currently seeking motivated students who are interested in manufacturing, physics, mathematics, people and society, and are aiming to become engineers and researchers who can work on the innovation of the next generation of machines and advanced materials.

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Applied Physics and Electronics

We develop systematic education, such as physics and mathematics, as the foundations of engineering, and carry out research in advanced fields of science and technology to create a new a technological paradigm for the future. This covers but is not limited to electric and electronic circuits, semiconductor engineering, crystal engineering, surface science, lasers and condensed matter physics. We foster engineers and researches who want to challenge the creation of next-generation electronics, functional elements and advanced materials.

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Electrical and
Information Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Information Engineering offers education and research mainly in academic fields related to the theory and practice of hardware and software for computer-based information systems. This is based on fundamentals such as electronic circuits, measurement and control engineering. We work to cultivate creative specialists who can respond to modern demands, adapt to a wide range of problems in electrical, electronic, information and communication fields, and are capable of solving problems yet unknown to us.

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Applied Chemistry and Bioengineering

Students in this department are expected to produce and analyze novel materials or molecules obtained by sophisticated methods. They are educated to be engineers and researchers, who can contribute to the realization of the development of safe, environmentally benign and sustainable societies through research within the world of atoms, molecules, genomes and cells. This research results in the production of new functional materials as well as molecules related to fields related to energy, the environment, and medical/health issues.

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Architecture and
Building Engineering

We perform a comprehensive study of the scientific, artistic and technical aspects of theory. In addition to this, we practice employing the universal and eternal elements of “usefulness, beauty, and strength” in our architecture, challenging ourselves to reach a vivid society and life. Our aim is to foster designers and engineers who can create a society and living environment for the new age, from, “development to sustenance” and from, “efficiency to humanity.”

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Urban Design and Engineering

We train professionals in the field of environmental and urban development through promoting education and research centered on the following three areas: “urban design”(studies how to plan and design urban space comprehensively, taking into account diverse urban roles), “environment creation” (studies knowledge and engineering methods for solving environmental problems, and “safety and disaster prevention” (studies technologies and management necessary to create safe, peaceful and disaster-resistant cities).

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