NOTICE: On April of 2022, the new university opened. From 2022, this web site provides information for the current students at Osaka City University. If you want the latest information, please access to the Osaka Metropolitan University's web site.


An educational research system which specializes in
advancing to graduate school

The advancement and diversification of science and technology in contemporary society continues every day at an incredible pace.
The curriculum at the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka City University exceeds the framework of usual study subjects, aiming to acquire certain basic academic skills and extensive expert knowledge. In particular, about 70% of the undergraduate students consider advancement into postgraduate education upon graduation. We strive to cultivate engineers and researchers who can contribute to creation of a society for the 21st century by providing the most advanced research facilities and substantial specialized subjects through small class sizes and detailed guidance in regards to research.

1st grade Learn a wide range of fundamental and general subjects, including the natural sciences
2nd grade Learn fundamental knowledge that can be developed into specific fields in a well-balanced manner
3rd grade Cultivate basic research skills through courses based on practical application
4th grade Proceed to graduation by conducting research that focuses on expertise and originality
of Engineering
(standard 2 years)
of Engineering
(standard 3 years)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and
Physical Engineering
Applied Physics and Electronics
Electrical and Information Engineering
Physical Electronics and
Applied Chemistry and Bioengineering
Applied Chemistry and
Architecture and Building Engineering
Urban Design and Engineering
Urban Engineering
It is possible to go to graduate school during a student’s 3rd grade, thus skipping a grade Students with excellent grades can take the graduate school exam during their 3rd year by using our grade skipping system (excluding the faculties of Architecture, Building Engineering and Urban Engineering).
We also strive to enhance the motivation of students by offering an early completion system for doctoral and master courses.
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