NOTICE: On April of 2022, the new university opened. From 2022, this web site provides information for the current students at Osaka City University. If you want the latest information, please access to the Osaka Metropolitan University's web site.
  • Thinking and knowledge regarding engineering
    that will lead the way to the future.


    Create new recyclable materials. Engage in urban development that changes people’s lifestyle. Develop robots working on the behalf of humanity ─
    The creation of new things, matter and information will concurrently lead us to the development of new values. A strong desire to create and constant trial-and-error approaches will help develop results that will lead us to an abundant and comfortable society.


    Know the detailed structure of things through the electron microscope. Understand the mechanisms of cells, which are the smallest units of life. Perform physical examinations of urban ecosystems ─
    Looking closely at the target and understanding a problem thoroughly leads to breakthroughs and new discoveries. This can be achieved by ensuring accuracy, which doesn’t miss even the slightest discrepancy, and a passion for discovery, that helps shed new light on targeted observations.


    Develop biotechnologies necessary for the development of new drugs. Integrate solar, hydraulic and other types of renewable energy for use in power generating devices. Simulate 1-and 2-dimensional worlds where physical phenomena different from those in the 3-dimensional world are predicted ─
    Break the wall of the unknown to make the impossible possible, achieving new horizons in regards to engineering.


    Design a building that will be the pride of the city. Design a safe and manageable bridge that is harmonious with the surrounding landscape. Examine the mechanical characteristics of domes and stadiums, etc. ─
    When investigating towns and buildings, it is important to consider both art and science. When products are assembled on a one-by-one basis, a more complete view of the future can be obtained.


    Set distances between substances on the order of nanometers. Monitor the fluidity of resin using ultrasonic waves. Construct efficient communication systems ─
    If we can freely control the movement of objects and information, which previously could not be controlled, we can then better understand the nature of things and make information communication smoother. Control provides a great opportunity towards achieving technological innovation.