NOTICE: On April of 2022, the new university opened. From 2022, this web site provides information for the current students at Osaka City University. If you want the latest information, please access to the Osaka Metropolitan University's web site.

Admission Policy

Faculty of Engineering

  • Those who have a desire to learn independently, have a clear sense of purpose, are brimming with curiosity, and who have the basic academic skills to learn engineering
  • Those who are interested in manufacturing, making complex systems, the development of technology or information processing and have a desire to create new things
  • Those who are interested harmony between in the various problems within society as well as the environment, and want to solve them by engineering solutions
  • Those who want to improve their communication and presentation skills in English as well as Japanese, and also want to make contributions based on engineering at the global level

Note: For admission policies of individual faculties please visit the introduction pages of the correspondent faculties.

Graduate School of Engineering


  • Those who have a desire to acquire extensive knowledge and skills in advanced fields of engineering, while specializing in a specific field of engineering
  • Those who want to acquire basic knowledge in fields other than engineering, and make use of it in regards to engineering
  • Those who intend to demonstrate leadership in the faculty of technology as an engineer with excellent communication skills and the ability to solve problems through scientifically based engineering and design.
  • Those who want to become advanced researchers or engineers who will advance to doctoral course in order to further increase their expertise and carry out research and development in collaboration with researchers and engineers also enrolled in doctoral courses in Japan and overseas


  • Those who want to become independent researchers who perform research regarding fundamental and applied engineering
  • Those who want to become engineers who can carry out advanced technology development in collaboration with domestic and foreign researchers and engineers
  • Those who intend to become advanced researchers or engineers who will have the ability to plan and execute research and development not only in the field of their specialization, but other fields as well
  • Those who already perform social activities as engineers or researchers who have a master’s degree, or recognized equivalent academic abilities/research achievements, and who are seeking to further advance within the field of research and development, aiming for global impact, and the systematization of their research results